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The FNB Dance Umbrella 2007 will be a highlight on all dance-lovers’ calendars. This year the festival will feature 25 programmes of work representative of all forms of contemporary choreography and dance in this country. Please check out our links and images. If you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 011 482 4140 / 011 482 5615 or on danceumbrella@artslink.co.za

Wednesday, February 7

Biography: Smolly Daniel Mashita


'Smolly' Daniel Mashita: Mashita began at the Johannesburg Dance Foundation. From there he went on to the Soweto Dance Project. Before joining VDT in 2003 he was with the Soweto Dance Theatre. As a touring company Smolly has been part of VDT's itinerary both internationally and nationally. Other than showing potential as a promising choreographer Mashita alternate with Gregory Maqoma in running company held dance workshops and open classes. He was nominated as most outstanding male dancer for the Gauteng MEC Awards in 2006.

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